Bone Inlay Interior Furniture Our company, Bone Inlay Interior Furniture, is based in Jodhpur City, India. We offer quality, modern bone and mop inlay furniture in a variety of styles. We work with affiliates around the world to ensure that our furniture is made from the highest quality materials on the market..

Inlay furniture we showcase includes Modernist, Contemporary, and Antique styles. Our high-end furniture is inspired by popular designs from French and European pieces. We enjoy keeping variety in our shop, and providing many choices to fit our customer’s needs. We are constantly trying to improve. The online store now offers a gift registry option. Shoppers can use this option to plan their future homes and request merchandise as gifts. Another improvement we have made has been to grow our online store so that it features more unique products and styles.

Our designs range from plain designs that can fit into any room, such as our classy White Metal Wardrobes, to patterned bedside tables. We use a variety of materials including mother of pearl, brass, and black bone. Each unique product is well crafted and photographed from every angle before shipment. We want to make sure that your order is perfect before it arrives to you. We strive to bring our fine pieces to your home with free shipping worldwide. In addition to free shipping, Bone Inlay Interior Furniture works within the industry to reduce the prices of our normally expensive furniture. Our connections allow us to do specialized orders, and help you to find unique furniture at affordable prices. Our Free VIP Membership offers additional discounts and savings. Savings can be hundreds of dollars!

Customer service is our highest priority. Our website is designed to be user friendly and accessible worldwide. Our Online Showroom allows for customers to select pieces they are interested in, so that we can bring the exact piece to your home. All of our Collections are updated regularly, and we strive to keep our customers informed about their orders. We will always answer any questions you have quickly. Feedback and your thoughts on our business are always appreciated as well.

Bone Inlay Interior Furniture

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